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Airflow® Cleans

Sensitive teeth got you avoiding the dentist? EMS Airflow® is a revolutionary approach to professional dental cleaning that uses air, warm water and a fine powder to gently clean away plaque without touching teeth. 

  • Minimally invasive dental cleaning in Perth

    Good oral hygiene is paramount for oral health and overall health. While traditional dental cleans are effective, we know they can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially for anxious patients or people with sensitive teeth. EMS Airflow® technology offers a minimally invasive dental cleaning solution to this age-old issue.

    This revolutionary new technology is now available at Mount Lawley Dental. Get in touch with the team to book your gentle dental clean today.

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    Minimally invasive dental cleaning in Perth
  • What is Oral Biofilm?

    Oral biofilm, or plaque as it’s commonly known, is a sticky substance leftover from tiny food particles and saliva that mix in the mouth. It naturally forms on teeth, gums and other surfaces, and without proper brushing and flossing, it can build up and harden into calculus. This is more difficult to remove and if left untreated, can lead to various oral health problems including cavities and gum disease.

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    What is Oral Biofilm?
  • Introducing EMS Airflow Technology

    EMS Airflow, also known as guided biofilm therapy, is a cutting-edge dental cleaning technique designed to remove plaque and stains from teeth effectively and comfortably. Unlike traditional scaling methods that rely on manual scraping with dental instruments, EMS Airflow uses a combination of warm water, compressed air, and a specially formulated powder to gently and thoroughly clean teeth.

    Learn more by reading our blog.

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  • How EMS Airflow Works

    The EMS Airflow device delivers a controlled stream of warm water and air, combined with fine powder particles, onto the tooth surfaces. This powerful yet gentle combination effectively disrupts and removes biofilm, stains, and plaque without the need for harsh scraping or polishing paste.

    The fine powder used in EMS Airflow contains particles specifically designed to target and remove biofilm while minimising abrasion to tooth surfaces. The warm water helps to soften the biofilm, making it easier to remove, while the compressed air provides additional cleaning power.

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  • Benefits of Airflow

    • Comfort - One of the key advantages of EMS Airflow technology is its gentle and comfortable cleaning process. You won’t have to endure the discomfort often associated with traditional scaling and polishing methods.
    • Effectiveness - EMS Airflow provides thorough and comprehensive cleaning, reaching areas that may be difficult to access with traditional methods. It effectively removes biofilm, stains, and plaque, helping to prevent dental issues and maintain oral health.
    • Minimally Invasive - Unlike traditional dental cleaning instruments that require a lot of contact with the tooth surfaces, EMS Airflow minimises contact, reducing the risk of enamel damage and discomfort.
    • Saves time - EMS Airflow streamlines the dental cleaning process, allowing your hygienist to clean your clean more efficiently while still achieving excellent results.
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    Benefits of Airflow
  • Who is suitable for an Airflow® Dental Clean?

    EMS Airflow technology is suitable for a wide range of patients, including:

    • Patients with sensitive teeth or gums
    • Patients who are prone to dental anxiety
    • Patients with braces or other orthodontic appliances
    • Patients who want a comprehensive clean

    Not sure if Airflow is right for you? Call the friendly team at Mount Lawley Dental today.

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    Who is suitable for an Airflow® Dental Clean?
  • Airflow® Dental Cleaning in Mount Lawley

    Airflow® is an exciting advancement in professional dental cleaning as it provides patients with a comfortable, effective, and minimally invasive alternative to traditional scaling and polishing methods. Whether you have sensitive teeth, orthodontic appliances, or simply prefer a more comfortable cleaning experience, Airflow® technology offers an innovative solution for maintaining oral hygiene. To book your next clean, contact the team at Mount Lawley Dental.

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    Airflow® Dental Cleaning in Mount Lawley

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Frequently asked questions

EMS Airflow is a minimally invasive dental cleaning technique designed to effectively remove plaque from teeth. EMS Airflow uses a combination of warm water, air, and a fine powder to gently and thoroughly clean teeth with minimal contact. 

It can be suitable for patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity or dental anxiety.

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