Chances are you’ve thought long and hard about getting dentures; this isn’t a decision any of us take lightly.

Though the type of dentures you receive will be partly up to you, our patients find our knowledge and experience in this area makes us expertly qualified to assess your dental situation before giving our opinion regarding which, if any, dentures will be the perfect alternative for you.

Permanent and Removable Dentures

There are two main types of dentures; permanent and removable:

  • Permanent: Opting for the permanent option will involve denture implants being fixed to your jaw bone.
  • Removable: Less intrusive than its permanent equivalent, removable dentures must be inserted and removed on a daily basis.
  • You’ll also have the option of opting for a full set of dentures or only a partial plate. This will depend entirely upon your personal situation, with us being able to assist you in this area.

Confidence and Ease

Don’t let the serious nature of the topic fool you; dentures provide millions of people around the world with an easy solution to their dental worries, with any stigma surrounding ‘false teeth’ instantly falling by the wayside when you’re exposed to everything your new, alternative teeth can do you for.

With dentures comes confidence and ease; not only can you smile again how you once could, you also get the core function of your teeth back, so you can eat all the foods you’ve missed, and a whole lot more you’ve yet to try.

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