Teeth Whitening

If you're taking good care of your teeth, but feel like your smile could do with a little extra help, teeth whitening could be the solution. While the natural colour of our teeth may be an indicator of oral health, it's certainly not always the case. With many factors contributing towards enamel discolouration, whitening can help to create the impression of a more clean and healthy smile.

In-chair whitening will typically involve the application of a specially designed gel to your teeth, before your dentist uses a laser or a specific light to expedite the process and lift away some of the discolouration within your enamel.

The dual action of the gel which activates whitening oxygen ions and the precision of the laser, mean that your dentist can individually treat each tooth, so that you come away with a bright, even looking finish.

If you've been thinking about whitening but aren't sure about the best way to do it, talk to your dentist first, and we can decide on the most effective treatment for your teeth together.

A lower cost alternative to In-Chair whitening can be a home whitening kit. These provide a better solution than over the counter tooth whitening options as they use trays manufactured by your dentist which carefully fit your mouth. A specially designed gel is then applied at home to the trays which gradually whiten your teeth. Results can vary but in most cases an improvement is seen in as little as 1-2 weeks.